Why Rayscloudblog.com is now alive

Hello New Year’s resolutions!

I looked back in my Notes and started to realize how much I learned about Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Power Platform so far. I spent many nights and weekends learning and challenging myself to complete small and large Azure projects and tasks. And that was great. But having all that knowledge sitting there in my Notes and not sharing it with anyone is not that good. Especially considering how much all these blog posts about Azure & more out there helped me during my own learnings – thanks again for that, community! Now it’s time for Payback and to redeem my New Year’s resolution to start writing a Blog. So what can you expect from this blog?

What you can expect from this Blog

As you correctly figured out, mostly stuff about Microsoft cloud Technologies, especially Microsoft Azure. I might also write about other topics, such as Bicep, ARM Templates, DevOps practices and Hybrid infrastructure.

I believe that technology can be easy if you take the first step. With my articles I want to help you to get closer with Cloud technologies. Coming soon, you’ll find introductions, guides and exciting news about Azure.

What do I expect from you?

Read it if you like it. Give me constructive feedback if you want and if you wish to copy/re-use the content, go ahead if it fits your needs.

thanks for stopping by and stay tuned,


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